Nothing could be more delightful than living in the friendly, historic town of Wallace, Idaho, where we recently moved our cottage business.  Wallace is renowned as the Silver Capital of the World, as well as the Center of the Universe (Wallace also has a great sense of humor).  Silver Valley residents share a love for turn-of-the-century home craftsmanship and many are renovating old bungalows and Victorian homes.  We feel right at home as we begin restoring our own ‘aged beauty’ built in 1900. 

Quail Pens took its name from the spunky, light-hearted Quail. The quail’s loyalty to family and ‘covey friends’ inspires and grounds us.  Their beauty demonstrate the creativity of our creator.  When we lived in Tucson we had quail laying their eggs in our patio planters with broods of 8 or more chicks. 

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Carl & Gina Hill


The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - our Wallace Icon

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - our Wallace Icon