Carl and Gina's love for fine craftsmanship is the reason this dynamic couple left the chaotic corporate world to adopt a simpler lifestyle.  This simpler lifestyle is a return to the Craftsman approach exemplified in the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900's.   American Bungalow magazine upholds that lifestyle and art genre today. 

Wallace is a wonderful place to develop a new Craftsman style business.  The town has been called 'Mayberry with a Laptop' and it fits that description very well.  Wallace is the Silver Capital of the world.  There are still  4 active silver mines in the valley and others are waiting the price of silver to rise before being reactivated.

Wallace is the Center of the Universe having been given that honorable distinction in 2002. Thus, it is a perfect place from which to live and launch new businesses.  We have a wonderful brass plaque in the middle (almost) of one of our downtown street intersections.   Winter activities include 2 ski areas within 12 miles of the town and the summer is very busy with 15 festivals celebrating everything from incredible accordion music, blues music, car shows, street fairs, and the northwest country specific huckleberry festival.

Our future product line will have fountain pens in Brass, Silver, and other unique materials that fit the culture and history of our new home town.

Wallace, ID.jpg

Craftsman Philosophy:

Creativity over efficiency…
Craftsmanship over production…
Cottage workshop over industrial factory…

        ~The American Bungalow magazine